Pennsylvania Murder / Suicide: Lisa Goy and James Goy murdered on snow, while culprit commits suicide afterwards

Pennsylvania Murder / Suicide

Three Pennsylvania residents were left dead following an argument over snow disposal.

KDKA reports the incident began Monday morning in Plains Township, as James Goy and Lisa Goy were shoveling snow off their driveway. Authorities say the couple was soon confronted by their neighbor Jeffrey Spaide, who accused them of dumping snow onto his property. The neighbors reportedly got into a heated dispute, which led Spaide to retrieve a handgun from inside his house. The man allegedly fired the weapon at the husband and wife until there were no bullets left. Investigators say Spaide then went back inside to get an AR-15-type rifle, and then returned to fire two more shots at James Goy and Lisa Goy, each.

Local law enforcement arrived at the scene shortly after and began knocking on Spaide’s door to arrest him. Officers said they then heard a single gunshot from within the home, and soon discovered Spaide had died from a self-inflected gun wound. All three neighbors were pronounced dead at 11:30 a.m.

According to CNN, this wasn’t the first dispute between Spaide and the Goys. Plains Township Police Chief Dale Binker told the outlet the neighbors got into a similar argument following a snowstorm two months ago. Blinker said the incident was not reported to police and that Spaide had no criminal history.

The police chief confirmed the couple had a 15-year-old son with autism who is now staying with his grandparents.