Lateef Adedimeji: Biography, Career, Movies & More

If you’ve seen Lateef on a movie set, you may have wondered if he’s the younger brother of popular actor, Odunlade Adekola because of their unique resemblance.

But they are not siblings, they just one thing in common – fantastic acting

Lateef Adedimeji is a fast rising actor. He is also a TV presenter, script writer and Master of Ceremony (MC)

The actor is quite versatile but he’s particularly known for his unique ability to get really emotional. In fact, he has been labelled a Crying Machine by some fans.

In this post, you’ll find out many interesting things about this talented actor.


The actor revealed that he fell in love with acting when he was in secondary school. He decided to take up full time which led to him joining a Professional Theatre Caucus in 2015.

He caught a glimpse of his acting talent when he was in secondary school and he was picked by an NGO to serve as a peer educator and counsellor on HIV and other sexually related issues. He was involved in using his budding acting talent to pass the information to the grassroot folks and market women

After his secondary school, he proceeded to the university where he studied Mass Communication and graduated in 2007

When Lateef decided to launch his career in Nollywood, the actor revealed that the initial journey was tough. There was a time he went to a location where the movie, ‘Omo Mushin’ by Murphy Afolabi was being shot but he had to leave in tears because he was relatively unknown and people were asking who he was.

The actor revealed that there was a time he was so frustrated when he wasn’t getting any jobs so he decided to call Ibrahim Chatta to inform him that I was leaving the industry but Ibrahim advised him otherwise. He was able to endure and it paid off.

He would later meet Muyiwa Ademola, Adebayo Tijani and Afeez Owo who told him to pay his dues and join their group and that was how he began acting. Initially, he was featuring in one or two scenes but after a while bigger roles started coming.

He landed his first major role in the movie, Kudi Klepto. It was this movie that shot him to prominence and his career has grown rapidly since then. The movie was produced by Yewande Adekoya.

The actor revealed that he locked himself up for 3 days and kept rehearsing. As a result of his preparation, he was able to receive a positive feedback from the crew due to his excellent acting. This was also the movie that gave him his first award as an actor.

Lateef has featured in over 100 movies since he began acting. The actor revealed in an interview that he plans to own his movie production outfit one day.

Also, Lateef disclosed in another interview that he would love to work with Denzel Washington sometime in the future because he loves his way of speaking which always gets him thinking and often makes a lot of sense.


The actor recently bagged an endorsement deal with Numatville Megacity which is expected to be Africa’s first and largest National Tourism and Cultural Megacity with location in Nigeria.

The actor recently featured in an Airtel advert alongside Idowu Philips popularly called Iya Rainbow.


Recently, Lateef released the picture of his girlfriend on social media. Although he didn’t outrightly spell it out, there were insinuations by fans that the lady in question was his love interest as he called her his woman crush.


The actor revealed that he has a crush on popular actress, Bimbo Oshin and he has told her about his attraction to her.

Most Challenging Movie

The actor revealed that his most challenging movie was Ireje because he had to be switching between emotions. At some point he needed to cry while at another juncture he was smiling.

He also revealed that Kudi Klepto was quite challenging but he was able to deliver as expected.

Role Model

Lateef revealed that Antar Laniyan is his role model. According to Lateef, Antar Laniyan has an admirable carriage and knows how to plays with his voice.

In fact, Lateef revealed that he received a slap from the veteran actor the first time he met him on set. He said that the Antar Laniyan taught him that very moment on how he should always make his first line catchy and how he should learn to play with his voice.

The actor also revealed that Antar Laniyan attested to the fact that he has the acting talent and ability.


Lateef received the Best Actor Award for his role in the movie, Kudi Klepto at the Heritage Award in Atlanta, United States and the Odua Movie Awards in 2014 and 2015 as Best Actor.

The same movie also gave him the Best Actor in supporting role at BON Awards as well as the City People Awards and Lagos Under-30 Best Actor of the Year Awards.

Great Minds Initiative

Lateef is passionate about giving back and this was what led to the founding of Great Minds Initiative which enables young people that have talent but no platform to express them.

GMI brings these young people together and helps create that platform.


Lateef is a devout Muslim and loves to pray or read during his quiet time.

Crying Machine

Lateef has been labelled a crying machine because he seems to be able to cry easily in movies

Odunlade Adekola

It is believed that Lateef will be the successor to Odunlade Adekola and the actor has disclosed that he sees Odunlade as a very good actor so he usually sits back to learn from him and he adds what he has learnt to himself to improve his acting ability.

But the actor doesn’t think he acts like Odunlade Adekola. In fact, each time he meets Odunlade he often tell him of how his acting his different from his.

Lateef believes acting comes naturally to him and it isn’t based on any imitation of the popular actor.

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