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How To Spot a Fake Phone (Clone)

The influx of clone (fake) phones in Nigeria is becoming alarming. If you are not the techy type or not very familiar with the brand you are about to purchase you can easily be fooled into buying a clone that looks exactly like the original. Nokia, Blackberry and most especially Samsung clones are really hard to detect and sometimes foreign carriers logos like AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Verizon and others can be on the phone just to trick people that they are getting a genuine foreign network tied phone.

Steps on how to detect fake phones

1. If you know someone that has bought the original phone you are about to purchase kindly go through the phone to know how it is supposed to function and look as the clones will definitely miss out some little features.

2. Check the IMEI number on the firmware of the device by dialling *#06#

3. Take out the battery of the phone and look out for the exact same IMEI number displayed after dialling the code above. If the numbers match then you are one step away from confirmation

4. Lastly, go to type in the IMEI number you got above and click on “Check”. This would reveal the Name, Model and picture of the phone.

Hope this helps ?

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