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How to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria

There are various means through which you can send money from Kenya to Nigeria. While many like to use their banks. It is believed to be cheaper without payment of a commission if the recipient has an account with that same bank. For example, using Eco Bank which is a Pan African Bank you can easily send money to someone within Nigeria who also has an Eco bank account.

This article covers the various ways through which you can send funds/money to Nigeria from India. When using any of the available options, ensure you pay close attention to safety warnings about transactions and trading to Nigeria. Make sure you know that the recipient party on the other end is legitimate.

How to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria

To send money to Nigeria, you can use an online funds transfer service provider such as Eastpesa, Western union, Transfer wise, Money gram or many other electronic funds transfer services available. You can also check with your own bank in Kenya to see if wire transfer services are available to Nigeria

Using Eastpesa

East pesa is a popular international money transfer service provider with which you can transfer funds from Kenya to Nigeria at super low rates and low fees.

How to transfer funds using Eastpesa

  • Open an account or Login to your Eastpesa account
  • Login to your account and select the ‘send money’ option
  • Enter the amount you wish to send in naira
  • Select delivery option. This could be via Bank account, Paga or MTN mobile money
  • Select your payment method such as bank account, mobile money, card or wire transfer
  • Review your transaction and complete the payment
  • Transaction will be completed within  minutes to an hour depending on the payment method chosen
  • Wait for the notification of transfer which shows that your transaction has been completed successfully.

With Mpesa, you can transfer money via debit and credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, Verve or through Mobile money networks such as MTN and Airtel.

Western Union

How to send money from Kenya to Nigeria via Western Union:

  • Visit the Western Union website to find the nearest physical location in India
  • You can also use their site to transfer funds
  • At the Western Union location, bring in your cash, your passport (ID) or any other document you can use to identify yourself
  • Provide details of the recipient such as the full name, his or her phone number and other details.
  • You will complete a send money from where in you will be asked to provide the recipient’s name, your name, amount of money to be sent and other information
  • Once the transaction has been made online or at the Western union office, you will be sent a secret MTCN (reference) code.
  • Let the recipient in Nigeria know the MTCN (reference code)
  • The recipient of the money from Nigeria can track the code and be made aware when the money is available for pick up.
  • The recipient has to bring along their ID and reference number to the Western Union office in order to receive cash.

Payment options when using Western union

When transferring money to Nigeria with Western union, you can simply pay with a credit or debit card which allows you to pay directly from your bank account to that of the recipient

You can also use the cash pick up option at a Western Union office


Moneygram is also an extremely popular method of sending funds from India to Nigeria

There are many Moneygram offices available.

How to send money from India to Nigeria using Moneygram

  • Find a Moneygram agent office in India closest to you
  • Take passport (ID) or any other with which you can be identified along with the money
  • Ensure you complete the ‘send money’ form. To do so, you will have to provide your personal details, the recipient’s name, the amount of money, etc.
  • You will be given a tracking number (reference code) which you must give the recipient
  • The recipient in Nigeria can go to any of First Bank, Ecobank or UBA branch to pick up the cash. The tracking number must be provided alongside an ID (passport) so as to receive the cash.


This is an international money transfer service provider that charges using fair mid-market exchange rate provided by Reuters. This would mean fair and low-cost transfers and hence, you are able to save more money. Transferwise offers you guaranteed exchange rates. You can pay with your debit card or credit card or send the money from your online bank.

Enter in details of the amount to be sent

Enter your bank debit or credit card payment information

Enter location and payout information of the recipient.

Then make a local payment to TransferWise

Review and send your transaction

With Transferwise, money is delivered locally so the recipient in Nigeria can receive their money directly from TransferWise local bank account

  • Using Payoneer

Payoneer is especially a useful tool for those in Kenya and many other African countries such as Kenya who want to withdraw money from their Paypal account. Paypal does not allow users in these countries to withdraw money, hence you can use your Payoneer account to withdraw the money sent.

  • Link your Paypal account to your Payoneer account
  • Paypal will then send money to your Payoneer account
  • Use an ATM where MasterCard is accepted to withdraw money using your Payoneer card
  • Skrill

Skrill (used to be known as Moneybookers) offers its users features such as free setup, low fees, text messages sent from bank account. Skrill has also added Nigeria to its list of supported countries, unlike before when users in Nigeria had to use VPN and other tweaks to use the company.

Skrill allows you send money online to recipients in Nigeria only using an email address with which the recipient can withdraw to their Nigerian bank account. You can also withdraw in naira from your Skrill account and transfer to your Nigerian Bank Account

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