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How to Make Money Online for Free in Nigeria

Do you want to learn and know how to make money online in Nigeria for free? You see I believe that when you get extra cash after all the hours you spend online chatting  on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and Google plus.

A lot of Nigerians are not making money online but rather, they are spending money online.

I wish you my reader will be that person that other people are spending their money to listen to.

Does it mean that an online business is hard? No I don’t believe that owning a business online is hard. So what exactly are the problems?

Let me say the truth at this point. I have been online for few years now. I discovered that there are over hundreds of internet businesses one can do online for money. One of its businesses is sports betting, which is a very effective but quite risky way to make money. Fortunately, there are many websites now giving bonus code for people who want to get started without risking money at first. This is where the problem starts, a lot of people are convinced that it’s about a method. It is not and you need to be ready to work hard with your own strategy.

Why You Need a Strategy

Its strategy that makes a coach go for training before a tournament.

Its strategy that makes a movie producer differentiate his movie from others which in turn makes his movie that sells fast.

Its strategy that makes you already have waiting customers before you launch online.

It’s not just about sports betting, it’s not about forex and it’s not about blogging. Even the punters that bet on sports have a strategy and so do forex traders.

It’s about the strategy. Have it and it becomes gold.

I am not involved in any of the above however I can genuinely tell you that I earn online with my strategy. An example of a strategy is to promote affiliate products when you know how to get traffic. Without traffic you won’t make a dime and the traffic can be through any free social media platform like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

An example on how to make money for free in Nigeria is this post written on how to make money from Facebook. Yes it’s possible to make money through Facebook, it will cost you zero Naira to open a group or page on Facebook and just a few smart people have used this strategy. An example of a good strategy is having a page or group on Facebook about babies and selling baby related affiliate products like baby food, baby wears etc. on your Facebook page or group. An example of a poor strategy is selling car products or electronics on the baby Facebook page.

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In order to summarize all I am saying is sometimes you may need to fully learn what exactly you intend to do before you rush into it. Internet is relatively cheap now and there are so many ways you can learn online, my favorite is YouTube where you get to see videos as you learn. Sometimes paid eBooks are also good options as they usually contain proven strategies that work by the author. But as for me, I get bored reading eBooks

Do not rush into Sports betting, do not rush into Forex and do not rush into blogging. Learn the tricks on how to lower your chances/risks of losing, choose one you have the passion for, then go ahead and implement your chosen method.

we are no longer in 2001. This is 2016, everything is going online. You need to learn how to do the business online. Go to forums, blogs, learn, learn, and learn.

This is very important because you do not want to use old methods. It might take you years, you may waste so much time.

Start With an End in Mind

Begin with an end in sight. What amount will you earn? What product will you sell? The end will help your faith.

Start as fast as you can, follow one course. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it and stay focused and keep learning.

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