How Many Tribes are in Nigeria? See Full List

This is an exhaustive list of tribal groups in Nigeria, coupled with the states where they are found

Name of Ethnic Group State
Abayon Cross River State
Abua (Odual) Rivers State
Achipa (Achipawa) Kebbi State
Adim Cross River
Adun Cross River
Affade Yobe State
Afizere Plateau State
Afo Plateau State
Agbo Cross River
Akaju-Ndem (Akajuk) Cross River
Akweya-Yachi Benue State
Alago (Arago) Plateau State
Amo Plateau State
Anaguta Plateau State
Anang Akwa lbom State
Andoni Akwa lbom State, Rivers State
Angas Bauchi State and Plateau State
Ankwei Plateau State
Anyima Cross River
Attakar (ataka) Kaduna State
Auyoka (Sub-Hausa) Jigawa State
Awori Lagos State and Ogun State
Ayu Kaduna State
Babur (Pabir)/Bura Borno state, Adamawa State, Taraba state and Yobe state
Bachama Adamawa State
Bachere Cross River
Bada Plateau State
Bade Yobe State
Baggara Arabs Borno State
Bahumono Cross River
Bakulung Taraba State
Bali Taraba State
Bambora (Bambarawa) Bauchi State
Bambuko Taraba State
Banda (Bandawa) Taraba State
Banka (Bankalawa) Bauchi State
Banso (Panso) Adamawa State
Bara (Barawa) Bauchi State
Barke Bauchi State
Baruba (Barba) Niger State
Bashiri (Bashirawa) Plateau State
Bassa Kogi State, Kaduna State, Niger State and Plateau State
Batta Adamawa State
Baushi Niger State
Baya Adamawa State
Bekwarra Cross River
Bele (Buli, Belewa) Bauchi State
Betso (Bete) Taraba State
Bette Cross River
Bilei Adamawa State
Bille Adamawa State
Bina (Binawa) Kaduna State
Bini (Edo) Edo State
Birom Plateau State
Bobua Taraba State
Boki (Nki) Cross River
Bkkos Plateau State
Boko (Bussawa, Bargawa) Niger State
Bole (Bolewa) Bauchi State, Yobe State
Botlere Adamawa State
Boma (Bomawa, Burmano) Bauchi State
Bomboro Bauchi State
Buduma Borno State,
Buji Plateau State
Buli Bauchi State
Bunu Kogi State
Bura/Babur (Pabir) Adamawa State and Borno State
Burak Bauchi State
Burma (Burmawa) Plateau State
Buru Yobe State
Buta (Butawa) Bauchi State
Bwall Plateau State
Bwatiye Adamawa State
Bwazza Adamawa State
Challa Plateau State
Chama (Chamawa Fitilai) Bauchi State
Chamba Taraba State
Chamo Bauchi State
Chibok (Kibaku) Borno State
Chinine Borno State
Chip Plateau State
Chokobo Plateau State
Chukkol Taraba State
Daba Adamawa State
Dadiya Bauchi State
Daka Adamawa State
Dakarkari Niger State and Kebbi State
Danda (Dandawa) Kebbi State
Dangsa Taraba State
Daza (Dere, Derewa) Bauchi State
Degema Rivers State
Deno (Denawa) Bauchi State
Dghwede Borno State
Diba Taraba State
Doemak (Dumuk) Plateau State
Ouguri Bauchi State
Duka (Dukawa) Kebbi State
Duma (Dumawa) Bauchi State
Ebana (Ebani) Rivers State
Ebira Edo State, Kogi State and Ondo State
Ebu Edo State and Kogi State
Ebu Edo State and Kogi State
Efik Cross River
Egbema Rivers State
Egede (Igedde) Benue State
Eggon Plateau State
Egun (Gu) Lagos State and Ogun State
Ejagham Cross River
Ekajuk Cross River
Eket Akwa Ibom
Ekoi Cross River
Ekpeye Rivers State
Engenni (Ngene) Rivers State
Epie Rivers State
Esan (Ishan) Edo State
Etche Rivers State
Etolu (Etilo) Benue State
Etsako Edo State
Etung Cross River
Etuno Edo State
Palli Adamawa State
Fulani (Fulbe) Borno State, Bauchi State, Yobe state, Adamawa state, Kaduna state, Jigawa State , Kano state, Katsina State, , Niger State, Kebbi State, Kwara state, Sokoto state, Taraba State, Yobe State.
Fyam (Fyem) Plateau State
Fyer(Fer) Plateau State
Ga’anda Adamawa State
Gade Niger State
Galambi Bauchi State
Gamergu-Mulgwa Borno State
Qanawuri Plateau State
Gavako Borno State
Gbedde Kogi State
Gengle Taraba State
Geji Bauchi State
Gera (Gere, Gerawa) Bauchi State
Geruma (Gerumawa) Plateau State
Geruma (Gerumawa) Bauchi State
Gingwak Bauchi State
Gira Adamawa State
Gizigz Adamawa State
Goernai Plateau State
Gokana (Kana) Rivers State
Gombi Adamawa State
Gornun (Gmun) Taraba State
Gonia Taraba State
Gubi (Gubawa) Bauchi State
Gude Adamawa State
Gudu Adamawa State
Gure Kaduna State
Gurmana Niger State
Gururntum Bauchi State
Gusu Plateau State
Gwa (Gurawa) Adamawa State
Gwamba Adamawa State
Gwandara Kaduna State, Niger State, Plateau State
Gwari (Gbagi) Niger State, Kaduna State, Nasarawa state, Plateau State, and Kogi State, FCT-Abuja
Gwong (Kagoma) Kaduna State
Gwom Taraba State
Gwoza (Waha) Borno State
Gyem Bauchi State
Ham (Hyam, Jaba, Jabba) Kaduna State
Hausa Sokoto state, Taraba state, Niger state, Katsina state, Kebbi state, Kaduna state, Bauchi State, Borno State, Jigawa State,
Higi (Hig) Borno State, Adamawa State
Holma Adamawa State
Hona Adamawa State
Ibeno Akwa lbom State
Ibibio Akwa lbom State
Ichen Adamawa State
Idoma Nassarawa state, Cross River state, Kogi state, Benue State,
Igala Kogi State, Edo state, Anambra State and Edo State
Igbo Abia State , Anambra State , Delta State , Rivers State, 

Ebonyi State, Enugu State , Imo State

Ijumu Kogi State
Ika Delta State
Ikom Cross River State
Ikwerre Rivers State
Irigwe Plateau State
Isoko Delta State
Isekiri (Itsekiri) Delta State
Iyala (Iyalla) Cross River State
Izon (Ijaw) Bayelsa State, Delta State, Edo State ,Ondo State , Rivers State
Jahuna (Jahunawa) Taraba State
Jaku Bauchi State
Jara (Jaar Jarawa Jarawa-Dutse) Bauchi State
Jere (Jare, Jera, Jera, Jerawa) Bauchi State , Plateau State
Jero Taraba State
Jibu Adamawa State
Jidda-Abu Plateau State
Jimbin (Jimbinawa) Bauchi State
Jirai Adamawa State
Jonjo (Jenjo) Taraba State
Jukun Benue State, Bauchi State, Plateau state and Taraba State
Kaba(Kabawa) Taraba State
Kadara Kaduna State, Niger State
Kafanchan Kaduna State
Kagoro Kaduna State
Kaje (Kache) Kaduna State
Kajuru (Kajurawa) Kaduna State
Kaka Adamawa State
Kamaku (Karnukawa) Kaduna State , Kebbi State and Niger State
Kambari Kebbi State, Niger State
Kambu Adamawa State
Kamwe Adamawa state, Bauchi State and Borno state
Kanakuru (Dera) Adamawa State , Borno State
Kanembu Borno State
Kanikon Kaduna State
Kantana Plateau State
Kanuri Borno state, Yobe state and Adamawa State
Karekare (Karaikarai) Bauchi State , Yobe State
Karimjo Taraba State
Kariya Bauchi State
Katab (Kataf) Kaduna State
Kenern (Koenoem) Plateau State
Kenton Taraba State
Kiballo (Kiwollo) Kaduna State
Kilba Adamawa State
Kirfi (Kirfawa) Bauchi State
Koma Taraba State
Kona Taraba State
Koro (Kwaro) Kaduna State, Niger State
Kubi (Kubawa) Bauchi State
Kudachano (Kudawa) Bauchi State
Kugama Taraba State
Kulere (Kaler) Plateau State
Kunini Taraba State
Kurama Kaduna State ,
Kurdul Adamawa State
Kushi Bauchi State
Kuteb Taraba State
Kutin Taraba State
Kwalla Plateau State
Kwami (Kwom) Bauchi State
Kwanchi Taraba State
Kwanka (Kwankwa) Bauchi State , Plateau State
Kwaro Plateau State
Kwato Plateau State
Kyenga (Kengawa) Kebbi State
Laaru (Larawa) Niger State
Lakka Adamawa State
Lala Adamawa State
Lama Taraba State
Lamja Taraba State
Lau Taraba State
Ubbo Adamawa State
Limono Bauchi State , Plateau State
Lopa (Lupa, Lopawa) Niger State
Longuda (Lunguda) Adamawa State , Bauchi State
Mabo Plateau State
Mada Kaduna State, Plateau State
Mama Plateau State
Mambilla Adamawa State
Manchok Kaduna State
Mandara (Wandala) Borno State
Manga (Mangawa) Yobe State
Margi (Marghi) Adamawa State , Borno State
Matakarn Adamawa State
Mbembe Cross River State , Enugu State
Mbol Adamawa State
Mbube Cross River State
Mbula Adamawa State
Mbum Taraba State
Memyang (Meryan) Plateau State
Miango Plateau State
Miligili (Migili) Plateau State
Miya (Miyawa) Bauchi State
Mobber Borno State
Montol Plateau State
Moruwa (Moro’a, Morwa) Kaduna State
Muchaila Adamawa State
Mumuye Taraba State
Mundang Adamawa State
Munga (Lelau) Taraba State
Munga (Mupang) Plateau State
Mupun Plateau State
Mushere Plateau State
Mwahavul (Mwaghavul) Plateau State
Ndoro Taraba State
Ngas Plateau State
Ngizim Yobe State
Ngweshe (Ndhang.Ngoshe- 


Adamawa State , Borno State
Nyam Taraba State
Ningi (Ningawa) Bauchi State
Ninzam (Ninzo) Kaduna State , Plateau State
Njayi Adamawa State
Nkim Cross River State
Nkum Cross River State
Nokere (Nakere) Plateau State
Nunku Kaduna State , Plateau State
Nupe Kogi State, Niger State and Kwara State ,
Nyandang Taraba State
Ododop Cross River
Ogori Kogi State
Ogoni Rivers State and Akwa Ibom State
Ogba Rivers State
Okobo (Okkobor) Akwa lbom State
Okpamheri Edo State
Okpe Edo State
Olulumo Delta State
Olukumi Delta State
Oron Akwa lbom State
Owan Edo State
Owe Kogi State
Oworo Kogi State
Pa’a (Pa’awa Afawa) Bauchi State
Pai Plateau State
Panyam Taraba State
Pero Bauchi State
Pire Adamawa State
Pkanzom Taraba State
Poll Taraba State
Polchi Habe Bauchi State
Pongo (Pongu) Niger State
Potopo Taraba State
Pyapun (Piapung) Plateau State
Qua Cross River State
Rebina (Rebinawa) Bauchi State
Reshe Kebbi State, Niger State
Rindire (Rendre) Plateau State
Rishuwa Kaduna State
Ron Plateau State
Rubu Niger State
Rukuba Plateau State
Rumada Kaduna State
Rumaya Kaduna State
Sakbe Taraba State
Sanga Bauchi State
Sate Taraba State
Saya (Sayawa Za’ar) Bauchi State, Kaduna State, Plateau State
Segidi (Sigidawa) Bauchi State
Shanga (Shangawa) Kebbi State
Shangawa (ShanKadunagau) Plateau State
Shan-Shan Plateau State
Shira (Shira ) Bauchi State
Shomo Taraba State
Shuwa Adamawa State, Borno state,Yobe state, Kaduna state
Sikdi Plateau State
Siri (Sirawa) Bauchi State
Srubu (Surubu) Kaduna State
Sukur Adamawa State
Sura Plateau State
Tangale Gombe State
Tarok Plateau State , Taraba State
Teme Adamawa State
Tera (Terawa) Bauchi State, Borno State
Teshena (Teshenawa) Kano State
Tigon Adamawa State
Tikar Taraba State
Tiv Benue State , Plateau State , Taraba State
Tula Gombe State
Tur Adamawa State
Ufia Benue State
Ukelle Cross River State
Ukwani (Kwale) Delta State
Uncinda Kaduna State, Kebbi State and Niger State ,
Uneme (Ineme) Edo State
Ura (Ula) Niger State
Urhobo Delta State
Utonkong Benue State
Uyanga Cross River State
Vemgo Adamawa State
Verre Adamawa State
Vommi Taraba State
Wagga Adamawa State
Waja Bauchi State
Waka Taraba State
Warja (Warja) Bauchi State
Warji Bauchi State
Wula Adamawa State
Wurbo Adamawa State
Wurkun Taraba State
Yache Cross River State
Yagba Kogi State
Yakurr (Yako) Cross River State
Yalla Benue State
Yandang Taraba State, Adamawa State
Yergan (Yergum) Plateau State
Yoruba Ekiti State, Kogi State, Kwara State, Lagos State, Ogun State, Ondo State, Osun State, Oyo State
Yott Taraba State
Yumu Niger State
Yungur Adamawa State
Yuom Plateau State
Zabara Niger State
Zaranda Bauchi State
Zarma (Zarmawa) Kebbi State
Zayam (Zeam) Bauchi State
Zul (Zulawa) Bauchi State

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