Egg Selling Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Looking to starting a business in Nigeria? Then you should read this through. The egg selling business is one of the most lucrative in the market, for many reasons which will be discussed in this post.

The egg selling business is not only a fast yielding one but also does not require you to break the bank for capitals. You can safely rely on this to fetch you a monthly and even weekly income.

In the egg selling business, you are the boss and you largely determine what your profits would be.

One of the reasons the business of selling eggs booms so well is the value and benefits of the product- Eggs. Eggs are an almost everyday commodity in households. Due to its richness in cholesterol, it is a healthy diet for children.

Egg Selling Business in Nigeria

Egg also helps reduce the risk of many diseases. Other benefits include:

Supplying quality protein to the body

A rich source of vitamin A which helps for healthy eyesight

Chlorine is used to build cell membranes and produce molecules in the human brain.

Uses of Eggs

There are so many places where eggs are in high demand. These include:

Cosmetics establishments: Eggs are used in cosmetics products such as shampoo, conditioners, soaps, cholesterol, face mask and many more.

Industrial supply

Eggs are used for the industrial production of some products such as glue, cleaning agents, etc. Thus, these companies need eggs in high numbers so as to keep their businesses running. You can write to such companies to know if you could supply eggs to them.


Eggs are used for baking different types of confectioneries such as bread, cakes, and meat-pie and so on. Bakeries will also need an egg supplier which then opens up a huge business opportunity for the egg seller.

Profits in Egg selling business

Take a minute and look out for the profits you could make in the egg selling business. Since you are just starting, it is best you buy a few crates of egg and then work your way higher. For example, with N80, 000, you can buy over a hundred crates of eggs. If a crate of egg is bought for N650 or less from a farm and you sell each crate for N700, you could make a profit of N100 on one crate depending on what size you buy. If you sell eggs as a retailer, in fact, you could make a profit of N300 per crate. Imagine you sell about 100 crates of egg in a week, this would mean a profit of N10,000 weekly and N40,000 in a month.

Now, let us be even more practical and talk about the ways you can achieve this. Before you venture into the egg selling business, there are some important things you should know about and set in motion. These include:

  • Raising adequate start-up capital

Although the egg selling business does not require much start-up capital, you will yet need something to start with. Your start-up capital is needed basically for the purchase of eggs from a farm and also to get other tools. Such as

  • Getting a car

Moving eggs from one place to the other in large quantities would demand that you have a car. It is not wise to move your eggs via public transportation because of the fragility of eggs and cases such as bad roads. It is best the eggs are in your care. The car does not have to be a new one; it could be old but serve its functions. You could also work out a rental agreement with someone who has a car or bus so you can use whenever you have a supply to make

  • Targeting a farm and registering yourself as a customer

There are many benefits you can get from targeting a farm or two from which you can work with. These ones will supply you with eggs consistently. This would help you to avoid issues such as disappointments from your suppliers. When one or two poultry farmers know you to be consistent, you will be trusted and they can also help with your business.

Factors to consider when looking out for a poultry farm include the distance of the farm to the market, the means of transportation, the size and colour of eggs being sold at the farm (white or brown), medium-sized eggs are N600 to N650 while the extra-large ones are N700- N750

  • Locate Your Target Market

Of course, getting the products from the manufacturer is not so much the problem as is the target market itself, that is, your potential customers. The crux of any business is the target market. Your target market for the egg selling business should be a highly populated environment such as markets or shops. Since you are mobile, you should not have a problem distributing the eggs wherever the location. Once you are able to locate your target market, you will only need to go there directly.

  • Set up a storage facility

Eggs are fragile products, in order not to run at a loss, you should set up an adequate storage facility for the eggs. After moving the eggs from the farm, have a safe place not prone to water, flooding, and rodents in order to keep the eggs safe.

  • Other working tools

The other basic tool needed for the egg selling business is empty crates for the eggs. These empty crates can be paper crates or plastic crates. You can buy some empty crates for N10, 000 or N5, 000. The total number you will purchase depends on how little or large you want to start. Paper crates are usually better than the plastic ones. They are more protective of the eggs. It reduces the number of cracks you will realize from transferring your eggs since they have a soft landing. Paper crates are also cheaper although they damage more quickly than the plastic ones.

The large chunk of your capital goes to the cost of acquiring a used vehicle. Once you are mobile, the other costs you will need to run this business is to buy the crates and eggs. Any balance left will be spent on fuelling your vehicle and other road expenses.

Good luck.

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