Casanova was Shocked to find Tory Lanez at the Club


Tory Lanez was relatively quiet until last week when he released DAYSTAR. The rapper’s new album addresses all of the recent controversy regarding his involvement in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting. Up until then, he had been relatively quiet and hadn’t really been spotted out anywhere with the exception of a few occasions.

Despite being one of the most hated people in hip-hop right now, he seems to be moving freely out here. Casanova recently spotted Tory Lanez “outside,” as he put it, while in the club in New Jersey. “Oh shit, oh shit. Oh, he outside,” Casanova says as he pulls up to Tory. The Canadian rapper appeared tense up until he realizes that it’s Cas. “What the fuck are you doin’ out here? What’s goin’ on?” Tory simply shrugged with a grin on his face, saying, “I don’t know.”

Tory Lanez and Casanova are no strangers to each other, of course. The two previously collaborated alongside Nigerian star Davido on “2 a.m.”

Though not necessarily relevant to the encounter itself, Casanova is signed to Roc Nation who currently manages Megan Thee Stallion. The Jay-Z-led entertainment company was at the center of controversy this week after Meg’s team accused Tory of launching a smear campaign against her. Lawyers for Meg alleged Tory’s team created fake emails from LIV Miami nightclub trying to spread rumors that Roc Nation somehow influenced the plaintiff in a Miami assault case. Roc Nation has since denied those claims.